Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Carter's CD

Carter Albrecht
Jesus Is Alive... and Living in London

Carter's CD (Jesus is Alive... and Living in London) is now out, on iTunes... :)

The official release date is coming soon.

To anyone who hasn't heard it: It is truly amazing. Carter comes through so much, and so honestly throughout the entire CD... I'm so glad it is out... and soon to be officially released, so other people can discover Carter and his music.

So, Check it out... and spread the word.... This album is his beautiful voice, and deserves to be heard... just like he wanted it to be...


Nicole said...
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Sarah said...

His songs are really beautiful - I especially love "Country Living" and "Jesus is Alive and Living in London".

Nicole said...

Truly amazing voice. I wrote up a little something on my blog regarding it, to spread the word as you asked.