Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Year's reality checks

Okay... So...

I made resolutions this year. I had a goal... or goals...

My first goal/resolution was to be, think and speak more positively. I think in the last 3 years, I've developed a pretty negative inner dialogue, and I don't want to become a bitter person... so this year's goal was to get out of the negativity and negative thinking! So far, I think I'm doing alright... (notice the positive tone :))

My second goal is to get back into art.

This is where I'm having a problem.

I promised myself that I would start a painting by the end of January... That didn't happen.... I stared and stared at a blank canvas... But I wasn't staring at a blank canvas sitting in front of me... the blank canvas is tucked away between the chest of drawers and the wall of my bedroom. But I know it's there... and it's the one I'm going to paint on.... eventually. I hope.

AH! Artist's block!

I haven't painted anything since the baby was born... 15 months ago!

People say having a baby should be creatively inspiring... but I feel like I used up all of my creative juices growing him, and then taking care of him... and now chasing him... After he goes to bed, and I'm done cleaning up the toddler mess, I would much rather veg out on the couch with a glass of wine and watch the Jersey Shore than get out paints and start trying to be creative...

So, I bought a camera. A big bad SLR camera... well, not the baddest, but the entry model of the baddest: a Nikon 3100. I had these delusions of skipping around with my awesome new camera, taking amazing, artistic shots of the world around me... taking amazing, artistic and creative shots of my toddler... but (reality check) that's not happening either.

I'm learning how to use my camera. And I'm also learning that it's impossible to set up a shot, and adjust the settings on my camera all while chasing a really fast toddler.

I guess the artsy stuff will come later... until then, I will enjoy the Jersey Shore, and Photoshop will be my best friend.

This is my most "artsy" shot to date (and I don't think this really "counts"):


Elena said...

I think the greatest masterpiece was your son, the rest will come by itself when you least expect it.
I think that art is everything, even the air we breathe is art .... perhaps even the meals your child can be treated as a form of creativity ... so ... keep the faith ... everything would flow again as before

Anonymous said...

It's only the 2nd month of the year so you have plenty of year left to be artistic! One of my goals this year is to just get a blog! I have so many things I should share but then don't because I never take the time to get a blog!

Good luck with the new camera! Jay was showing Jodie his camera on tour. Not gonna lie his is pretty awesome!

Love the snowman! No snow for us here in Houston!


trey kazee said...

chasing a kid around is actually a good exercise once you get more familiar with composition and your camera's functionality. it will teach you how to evaluate shots before picking up the camera.

try to master the manual functions. then you'll learn to see a shot, set your exposure and maybe even rough focus, and only then even think about trying to get him in the photo. then all you have to worry about is framing and maybe focus.

all you have to do is keep shooting... it will become more and more natural, and you'll find yourself having more time for finding the shot you want. you'll also learn how to shoot fewer, but better, frames; and when to not worry about it because you're not going to get the shot you saw in your head!

Ryann Rathbone said...

Thanks everyone!

@trey- if he's not in the shot he could be running in the street... or playing with something dangerous... he's FAST!

I know it'll get easier, but right now, it's almost impossible to be outside with him and setting the settings on my camera... I'm SO slow!!!

That is good advice about accepting that I'm not going to get the shots I see in my head... They could be better!

Steph said...

Yep toddlers are super fast - I used to work with 21 of them (daycare). Have you got gates around your house? That could keep your son out of danger while you take photos.

Jealous of your camera btw - wish I could afford an SLR camera - but one day I will and be a photojournalist (specializing in Black and White photography) :D

Hang in there - inspiration will come and it happens at the oddest moments. Practice makes perfect!! And I loved the snowman pic!! Especially the background with the shape of the tree.

claireowen said...

Toddlers are fast and creative, and funny and even stressing, sometimes...And you have to give them your total attention... Pretty difficult to do anything else...!I'm an auntie, and when my niece is around I panick: she's 2 years old, and she's fast, smart, funny, and she wants to do everything and to be the centre of my world...! My sister is learning now how to manage with her! Don't worry, everything will be ok!!