Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Get me a gaggle of gaffers STAT!

I just think this is a really cool photo of Sheryl's work ... they were about to make molds out of these wax heads...

Today I woke up late... too much late night computer.

I'm going to try to make tonight's short and sweet with as much humor and as many details as possible. I don't even know how to blog so much info... 16 hrs worth...

So, I woke up late... that was okay, because all I missed was more sculpting with wax... I don't know what the wax is for yet, so I wasn't really into it. All I know is we are going to make them into molds to make into glass... but not for a specific project yet.
                                                                                                                                                                  We got our first group assignment today. It is to use techniques we've learned to make a narrative that affects a 10x10 space. Me and my partner decided to make a glass bird cage and glass bubbles with feathers inside them (i have a pic of our sketch- i'll wait to post)... that meant that we had to blow our own glass bubbles.... and you know what?! I blew a darn good glass bubble with NO help!  I'm getting more comfortable with hot glass. Like I said yesterday, I don't have a huge desire to learn how to blow glass, but I'm glad it's something I'll have general knowledge of, and won't be afraid of it.

                                                                                                                                                                       To make the cage we had to "pull cane"  which is pulling glass so it's a glass wire. This photo is of Thurman demonstrating how to pull cane.

I'm still figuring out how to post pics here on blogger. So bear with me.... speaking of bears.... I have not clapped to keep them away and only thought of them once, briefly on my way to my room tonight... probably because I have a super-duper flashlight now... It is SO bright, that I think I could blind a bear with it if he came for me... or my food.

Our group narrative is going to come together tomorrow.... we are gonna have to hang the bubbles and cage... and it's probably not going to look anything like the sketch... but that's okay. This is art school... remember the eggs and motor oil? (I had forgot to mention that the girl said the bottles started to leak- how gross is that?!)

Oh, and did I mention that, I blew glass bubbles... ALL by myself!!! and they look like bubbles! I'm very pleased with myself. I was even told I had good technique. brag brag brag. I only burned myself once!

I had a sit-down with Thurman tonight. He wants me painting bigger and better and not to get stuck in a box of what I paint and what I paint on. So his project for me is to draw everyday, and draw 3-D and multiple objects that I would like made (out of glass) to paint on. I also have to do "anti-beauty" paintings... an example was cover a surface in gravel. Very different... but I think I understand what he wants me to do. I need to just abandon any ideas I have... not conform my art, and Penland is the place to do it. 

A lot of famous artists have "gaffers" (I could be spelling that wrong)... but that means they design what they want and their gaffers do it... sometimes the artists never even see the finished project... gaffers are basically the artist's b*tches... not really, well, yeah kinda. So, he wants me to use the assistants as gaffers to make these projects... but then I'll paint on what they make. 

I'm excited because it gives me purpose! i like assignments.

Okay... I typed more than I planned to... There's more I want to say...

Like: what's scarier than a big spider staring at me on the ceiling? The same spider, same place, still staring at me after I gave it a big ol' OFF gassing.... It didn't even move! yikes!

Here are some photos from today:

Who says you can't look cute after working in the hot shop for 12 hours?!? 

My cardboard burning drawing thingy from yesterday

My glass butt-turned-try-to-be-snowman-but-now-doesn't-look-like-either piece


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