Saturday, May 24, 2008

Updates from NC

Hey Everyone-

I'm here, in North Carolina. It's been a really nice trip so far. 

Let's see... I left Dallas on Tuesday and drove to Nashville. I met up with Ward and my friend Jim there... we had the best cheeseburger ever at a Sushi place. Cheeseburger at a sushi restaurant?!? I know... but Ward promised it was the best... and he was NOT even kidding. I'm actually looking forward to my drive back, stopping there, and having another!

I spent Tuesday and Weds in Nashville, then headed to NC on Thursday.

I got to Beech Mountain after dark on Thurs... I'm staying at my family's house... by myself, which is actually really nice. On Friday I was L-A-Z-Y (lot's of sleep and food and cable TV). I haven't watched TV in forever... so I had some catching up to do... HA! 

Today has been full of trying to find internet and coffee... and returning emails. The Daily Candy article on me came out on Wednesday... so I had PLENTY of emails to return today. :)

I go to Penland and start class tomorrow. I'm really excited... and a little nervous. One of the teachers emailed me (and the rest of the class) and said bring pictures of our work that we've used in our seminars.... excuse me? seminars?? yikes! 

I'm not sure how the internet access situation is going to be yet... but I will try to keep posting... to keep you updated. And hopefully I'll figure out how to upload photos on here!


Anonymous said...

Hey!!! I'm gald to know something about you. It looks like you are doing good, and your school looks like a good place to get away and learn about all the things you love.
How long will you be there?
Write me soon, I got fired from my job and I'd love to talk to you about it over dinner or someting. I'm kind of freaking out and I'm soooo bored.
My e-mail is,
Love you.

Ryann said...

AHH! Thanks for writing.. I'll email you or call tomorrow! xoxo

Anonymous said...

great talking to you today. Thanks for telling me about this.