Saturday, May 31, 2008

S uper!

Trying to upload photos on here requires patience... Especially with this splotchy internet connection.... If i can't upload them tonight, I will tomorrow at the coffee shop. 

The coffee shop here is so cute, and it's like a real coffee shop. Today I ordered a double and was on a caffeine-jittery high. I think I'll just stick to singles from now on.

Today, I made a huge leap forward in execution! I started sandblasting glass last night, and today I started to draw on the 
glass. Really when i say, "draw" I mean mainly tracing really cool patterns. It really looks good (if I say so myself...  see photo on left). All day long was work work work and I'm really pleased with the progress I made. I have no clue how it's gonna come together. But it will. 

I slept in this morning... I was tired. Sometimes I just have to sleep more. Plus we're working constantly, and it seems like there is never enough time to get everything done. I know that I haven't talked about my classmates or people I've met here... I wasn't going to talk about people... I just have mixed feelings about if that is cool or not... So, if I decide to use names, I'll refer to them by the first letter, or something... I'll figure it out when the time comes. :)  But for now, I don't feel bad for posting a pic! (After trying to post that pic 10x:  never mind, I guess I wasn't supposed to post it.)

Tonight was a costume party (Super Hero theme)... and I didn't have a costume (and you KNOW how much I love costume parties.. there just aren't enough anymore...)... and no time to make a decent one... so, I took sparkle-y foam and cut the "S uper" and put it over my Airline shirt... Yes, still representin' Dallas music in NC! I was very under-costumed.

At first, two classmates and I were going to wear capes... one of the girls is from Chile, so she wrote "diablitas" or "little devils" on all 3 capes.... but then one of the women in our class needed a costume, so we gave her my cape. We didn't stay at the party long, and then went back to the studio. There were some interesting (?) and creative (??) costumes at the party... but considering that it was right next to the glass studio, and was kinda boring, I decided that me, my super-self and I was going to try to do more drawing/sandblasting.

There were bugs everywhere tonight. One of my fears has been of a Cicada flying up my jeans when I try to step over them... Well, tonight a moth flew up my jeans... and they flap a lot. Having a bug flapping in your pants is gross,  and it tickles... so I killed it. Grosser is when there is a dead bug stuck to my thigh in my jeans... BLUGH!!! I inhaled and ate several bugs too. The studio looked like it had been transformed into a 3rd world country sweatshop with bugs flying all around the florescent lights and swarming us and our faces while we tried to work.

The only bugs I like here are lightning bugs... (and I like them from far away... not crawling on me). 

The first few nights I was at Penland, I thought people were out walking in the field at night with flashlights... but it turned out to be lightning bugs... and there are a ton of them. They are so pretty at night.

Here's another photo of darker glass that I sandblasted and drew on... I need to fire the drawing, and then re-sandblast it. I really haven't done anything big yet. One reason is I'd have no way to get it home. I figured out that's most likely why there is at least one big glass piece at the Beech Mtn house (right, Kel?).

My fingers are still crispy... well, actually just blistered... and blistered deep... I'm surprised I have skin there. I will not try to pick up hot glass again! 

I think my goal for the next two days is to come up with ideas of things to actually paint. I have a hard time painting straight out of my head... I need photos or images... or the actual thing that I'm trying to draw or paint, in front of me. 

I also need to work on this droplet project... and everything else... oh, and that mask project is due Monday... Very busy. 

I really like it here. I think I'm going to try to get a work study or scholarship to stay longer. Also, one of my housemates has a guest house in the Outerbanks, and has invited me to stay there... I've never been before. 

I'm just waiting to see where God leads me... that is why I'm here... that's why I sold my stuff, have no lease or mortgage, and got a storage unit. Who knows where I'll end up....

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mom said...

I LOVE these blogs.
I am sorry about your blistered fingers. That must have been so painful!
I remember one time Kelly said she picked up the pipe to blow glass and burned her mouth! I think the mouth piece had been close to the open flame. Kel, if you are reading this, please refresh my memory.

I think your glass etchings are amazing.
And I am both laughing and grossed out with the bug stories. I Hate Bugs and I hate it even more if one touches me.

You are right to trust God with your future.I read Psalm 119:105 about how God's Word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. As I continued reading, the psalmist talks about having gone through much suffering so it made me think of you and your journey.

I cannot wait to see what your new creations will be this coming week.
Love u,