Wednesday, May 28, 2008

the old man is snoring (done)

It's raining it's pouring.

It's been raining all day. I didn't bring my raincoat to class, so I'm soaking wet. It's lunchtime, so I'm back at my room about to nap... 

This is part one of my blog... I'm gonna see if it's easier to do half now and half later.

This morning we got one of the bubbles we blew yesterday and put a feather in it... it looks AWESOME. our critique for our group project got pushed back until tomorrow. We are waiting for the other bubbles to be ready, and then will assemble the cage and hang our project.

I must eat way more than I think I do... I've been starving (not really- just REALLY hungry), even after 3 meals a day. I usually eat late, so after eating dinner at 6, I'm ready to eat again at 10 or 11pm (we are usually still in the hot shop). I ate breakfast (waffles) this morning, then went straight to the coffee shop to get more food. It's lunch... I should be eating, but I'm gonna nap instead. 

I learned how to sandblast glass earlier... then the sandblaster started shooting out water (that's a no-no for a sandblast machine). Thurman wants me to paint on the sandblasted glass. So, after lunch I'll pai
nt, and then we are going to
 do some glass casting... I wish I'd brought more stuff to cast in glass. All I have now is a little ceramic skull. 

Before we left for lunch, T and Co. (aka Thurman & boys) blew a 
huge bubble... it was too big to fit in the kilns so it was set outside, where it cracked and broke. Of course, then, they (the boys) took a bunch of hot glass and set cardboard on fire, in the studio and on purpose, again. (pic on left of huge bubble... pic below of fire set in studio)

I think I'll paint something girlie after lunch... :)

Okay... Now it's late...  quick update before I drift off to sleep:

We did sand casting. I casted my hands and a little glass skull in them (I happened to have the skull in my purse... Don't ask... 'cause I have no clue why). We made a huge mess.

There was hot glass being slung like it was nuthin' all over the studio. It's pretty insane about how easy it is to forget it's HOT glass... not just hot, but ridiculously hot.... and it gets slung around everywhere... no one's gotten hurt.... so I guess it's okay. 

It's been raining all day and it's really cold... I think I saw flurries.. really it was just rain drizzle, I'm just tired and when I'm tired I'm prone to exaggerate (but not about the glass everywhere... that is 
the truth fo' sho'!)

i painted on glass a bit. I tried to make an "anti-beauty" painting... yeah, it's still pretty. How do I stop painting pretty?!? It's kinda frustrating. I just painted lines and shapes with dark blue and orange-y brown... and it's still pretty. I think I may have to ask for clarification on "anti-beauty." Maybe I should start picking up those big dead bugs (what are they called? they start with an S, maybe Sc- like locusts?), and glue them to a canvas, and say... "you wouldn't call that pretty would you?!"

Quote of the day: "Have they poured [the mold] yet?"  "No, they're eating watermelon..."

What?!? It turned out to be true... it was so random that it was funny...

It's strange... I feel like I've been away from Dallas for a long time... and it's just been a little over a week. It's so far removed from Dallas, in so many ways. I'm totally focusing on Penland, and what I can get out of it, and I try so hard to keep my head in a good place, and I'm able to... I wasn't going to write about this, but C's been on my mind a lot. I really want to make some art, (not to sell) to combine my memories and past with future... so I don't have to lock them away or try to forget them, but so I can remember the good, with out getting stuck in the past. I don't know... maybe that doesn't make much sense outside of my head. ... on my mind a lot. 


Sara S. said...

Oh my gosh, it all sounds SO fun!! I can't wait to see pics of everything you create there and things you come up with when you get back!

Miss you already!

it's snowing in my heart said...

i miss you! i am glad to see you're having so much fun and learning so much cool stuff.

post more photos of what you're doing - in progress!

jayme - using salim's account

sarah in austin said...

it makes total sense, and it seems like this is a great place for you right now! we've never met, yet i think of you and how you're healing all the time. be well.

adina said...

Cicadas...those are the bugs. I really like reading your blog, and the caged feather bubbles sound like hope under glass behind bars. Interesting!

Ryann said...

Thanks so much to all of you!

I'm glad that ya'll are reading this... it makes me want to keep it going... ;)