Friday, May 30, 2008

Musings and amusing

My blown glass bubble with a white feather in it... the pics didn't turn out that great... I'll take some good ones tomorrow.

Wow, Friday already?! I'm sad.... I don't want next Friday to be my last class day. This class is so much information, that I really wish it was much longer. There's so much to learn and do... I feel like I've learned a whole bunch, but haven't had time for execution yet.

I'm starting to "get" the art thing (I think). When I mean "art" thing... I mean the creative process that I usually overlook. This class is like Art School in two weeks. 

I met with my instructors today, they want me to paint a lot more... and to start executing. I have a bit of a problem with painting or drawing on command... Actually a big problem, I freeze and don't know what to paint or draw. I told them that... I also don't think in pictures... I think in words... T gave me a huge sketchbook and wants me to fill it up... most of the pages just have words on them. I told them that and Sheryl said she thinks in words too, and showed me another book she keeps... it only has words  in it. A HA! I can do that! Actually I kinda already do it... 

Unclogging the Creative Blockage
I was starting to doubt me being an "artist" and started to think that I should have gone to a writer's workshop instead. So, I'm so glad she thinks in words too! They gave me a bunch of ideas on how to get rid of the creative constipation I've had... I started to work with them and I think it's working.

I did almost fall asleep today when our class talked about different kinds of glues for an hour today. Actually, watching paint dry (which is what happened) is more interesting than a lengthy glue conversation. There are so many different glues... okay. I'll stop.

Glowing Molten Glass is hot...
Yep, I checked... It's freakin' HOT! I didn't check on purpose, but I'm working on a project where I make a bunch of droplet shapes out of glass. It was pretty messy... there were strings of glass everywhere, because I was trying to make the glass drop and not hit the ground. It turned out, it was easier to let it hit the ground and then pick it up (with oversized tweezers) and trim off the glass strings. So, i was doing that. I said the other day that it's easy to forget how hot the glass is... well, I forgot and tried to pick up the droplet with my fingers. Holy Moly! That HUUURT! It's not like a regular burn either. The glass is around 1700 degrees (someone told me that... not sure how correct it is) so it burns deep and keeps burning. owwww. i blistered... but I'm okay. I'm surprised I'm able to type, but it doesn't hurt as bad any more. 

I finally learned how to make those droplets.... they look cool, I don't know exactly what I'll use them for yet. i started sandblasting panes of glass to paint on tonight. today, i seriously felt something click in my head, when what my instructors were saying to me, actually made sense.

Also, I no longer have to worry about the "anti-beauty" stuff.

Our next project is to design a mask... maybe I'll glue leaves all over my face..... hmmm..... not a bad idea.... 


Justin Voight said...

Excellent job with the blog. I really enjoy watching the creative process you are going through. It is exciting to see your mind at work. You are a great artist!

Ryann said...

Thank you! I'm glad people are reading it. I'm learning more and more how to "think like an artist" or craftsperson.. or whatever.

Speaking of great artists: I hope your photography project is going fantastic and I can't wait to see it. Don't give up on it.... that's one thing I've really learned here.