Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dinosaurs Exposed... and you thought you knew dinosaurs!

Today was my last day at Penland... I saw a big dead snake in the road today and ran over it... my first day at Penland I also saw a snake... these are the only two snakes I've seen... they were both dead... what does that mean? Probably nothing, but the coincidence makes me think about superstitions...

I think I'm gonna work on an encaustic series about superstitions when I get settled back in TX... I've thoroughly enjoyed reading through my Encyclopedia of Superstitions book... I swear, every home should have one! It's hilarious and disturbing at the same time.

One idea from the book I may work with is the superstition that disappearing patterns bring good luck.

A few ideas that I probably won't work with are: if you have a run of bad luck, wearing your underwear backwards will change it... and if a guy wants a girl to fall for him, he's supposed to take and orange and prick it with pins, then sleep with it tightly in his armpit and give it to the girl he's trying to woo the next day... and her affection for him will grow even stronger if she eats it... yeah... I'll leave that one alone.

I woke up this morning with food poisoning or something... ugh. It was AWFUL. This afternoon and now, I feel much much better... I still plan to take off tomorrow and drive to either Nashville or Memphis... or both... just playing it all by ear. Hopefully I'll be feeling %100 better tomorrow.

I didn't get a chance to cold work the glass statue... maybe I can figure out how to do that in Dallas.

I also discovered a new talent of mine! I bought Mike a dinosaur coloring book, because one day he said, "I love dinosaurs" and the way he said it, well, it seemed like he was 10 again. I took the coloring book and added commentary to every page... It basically is dinosaurs narrating my summer and all of the inside jokes since I've been at Penland.... Mike laughed until he cried and loves it... he said I seriously could make money doing that... well, it was really fun. I wish I could do a better job of explaining what I did....

So here are some photos instead:

Dinosaurs didn't have good taste in movies... their Netflix queue was depressing

Dinosaurs had dance Parties

Dinosaurs kpet dead bugs in their freezer

Like I said... inside jokes.... but really funny inside jokes...