Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Don't make me clean your windows!

This is a piece I started... the clovers are actually little smell-good-bath-thing-ys from Pier 1, and the feather is from an owl... but since you can't use birds of prey feathers in art.... I scanned it and printed it on tissue paper.

Living with someone with OCD definitely has it's advantages... I walk around the house and he walks around and picks up after me... neither of us notices... I don't try to make a mess... but I'm a little absentminded.

It's funny, my roommate doesn't want me to clean... If I offer to do dishes, he jumps up and does them first... I don't think it's because I won't clean them as well as he does... I think it's because I won't clean them in the right order or something... like the spoon BEFORE the fork and then the knife... and so on. If I were to *GASP* clean the knife first the whole process would be disturbed and he'd have to wash his hands three times and start the whole process over again...

Of course, Mike would deny this... and I have to admit that I'm exaggerating about his washing his hands THREE times... (ha).

Mike told me about some "crazy" girl who stayed with him one time.... and WHY was she so "crazy"? Because she wanted to clean the windows! Dear God! If someone offered to clean my windows... I'd hand them Windex and a towel and say, "Oh no, really.... really you don't have to do that... but okay."

So now anytime I want to threaten him, I just tell him that I'll clean something, "Don't make me clean your windows!" Of course jokingly, because I wouldn't put him through the panic of me actually cleaning something.

So class is over... People are going home... well not me.

Last night was the auction. I wish I'd had something to put in it... But the Rathbone's were represented... I walked in and there was a piece that looked like Kelly's glasswork... and it was! Some one's estate collection was left to the school... and was auctioned off.

The BIG auction is this weekend... I just offered to volunteer... so I'll work on Friday and Saturday, helping to prepare and serve meals... I hear it's a lot of fun.. plus I get food, and a crazy t-shirt with a fake tie on it... and I'll be part of the action!

This is a little piece on black cardboard paper... one woman in my class said it reminded her of lace panties.

Now I'm trying to figure out what to do... Here are my tentative plans... To stay here, at Beech, or in Asheville until the middle of August... (I haven't cleaned anything... so Mike is okay with me staying longer), then I'll go back to Dallas for a week... well, after I go get Dylan from Midland.... then from the 22nd through the 26th I'm going to Orlando... then to Austin... And I'll stay in Lockhart for a few months... then who knows.

It's still really hot here... ugh.. someone needs to do a raindance or something! How will I survive in TX heat?!

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