Saturday, August 9, 2008

Packing up

I've been packing up... I cleaned up the Beech Mountain house and locked it up for the last time... I'm a little sad... and a little nervous about going back to Texas.

I'm excited to see everyone. I've missed my friends and family... and Dylan. But, I'm a bit anxious when I think about going back.... plus I'm not excited about the heat.

I've pretty much packed up my car... (it's like playing tetris with boxes to get everything to fit). I'm staying at LCW and Asheville until Weds or Thurs... I haven't decided.

I need to do some things here.... I'm going to mail one of my encaustics to my old TA Ken, from my Nature Journaling class... he's the one who sent me the photo of us in the July 2nd(th) parade... and used my illustration of the milkweed in the column he writes. He's been so kind and encouraging... he and his wife have offered for me to stay anytime I'm in the Chapel Hill area.

I need to cold work (grind off the rough edges) of the glass statue of the saint that I made... I'd like to cut the hummingbird piece in half with a saw... and the one with the Sacred Heart and St. Francis....

I actually gave that piece to Mike... I didn't realize until I started to scan those images, that they were the prayer cards for his father, who died of cancer a year and a half ago. I was glad I was able to take that imagery and make something with it. That's what I want to do with some of C's stuff for me... As I was making the piece with the prayer cards... I knew it was meant for Mike to have. Plus he's been a great friend and roommate.

I just don't want to go back to Texas and feel stuck... I wanna stay on the road... I seem to have more clarity when I'm open to change.

But North Carolina will always be here... So maybe I'll come back this fall and see the beautiful leaves change.

I've learned a lot about myself... as a person and artist. And I hope to continue to...

I was wondering if I'll still blog when I get back.... I think I will...

The reason why I don't mind posting blogs and being very open, was confusing to me... But I think I know why I do now... Ten years ago I was living in Houston. There was a horrible accident on I45.... an 18-wheeler overturned and a woman was pulled from the vehicle only to watch as her husband and 3 children were killed in the fire. That story haunted me... I cried. I thought about her often. I heard about the trial for the driver on TV, but never heard her speak... or how she was doing. Since Carter's death, I've thought about her even more.... wondering if and how she has survived the unimaginable tragic loss of her whole family... So, maybe I write so people will know how I am living and learning... maybe that's self indulgent... but I don't mean it that way.

i haven't checked my voicemail in over a week... I need to make calls and plans.... ugh. Planning is my least favorite activity!


Justin Voight said...

Please keep blogging! I always look forward to reading them. I have enjoyed seeing you grow as an artist and as a human. You are inspiring.

danielle trivisonno said...
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danielle trivisonno said...

there's still not a day that goes by that i don't think of you and carter. that will never change. so, thank you for allowing me to watch your growth and know how you're getting on.

keep smiling.
xo, triv