Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I colored the cages on this piece a bit darker, then I copied Boggle scores on Xerox and transfered them with wax.. Then I spent several hours scraping the wax of the top... I just need to attach the charms to hang in front of the cage... The piece that went with this, has a chandelier hanging from the top.... I tried to collage on a paper that was plastic-y (is that a word?) and it melted.... the whole thing is a mess... I think I'll leave that one alone for a while.

This is the piece that I made... I covered wood with wax medium.... then added the paper with wax covering it... except for where the feather was... then I stenciled the orange on. The bottom bird is a xerox transfer, the top is the same image, but I cut it out and used wax to collage it on.

The last few days of class (when I was bad about blogging), I created a lot of work... or adjusted some of the other work... So I'll keep posting those images, until I run out.

Yesterday, when I was at the Penland Coffee House blogging, I ran into a woman who works for the school and I've seen around... During first session she asked me if I was Kelly's sister, she took a ceramics class when my sister was the T.A.. I didn't remember her name... All I remember is when she told me her name she said "and you'll remember (her last name... something-uckin), 'cause it rhymes with 'f*ckin'." And she's right... that's how I remember her name now. Anyways, she's herding up volunteers for the big auction... and she caught me.

So, I filled out the volunteer form... the bartending and Art Docent (whatever that is) positions were already full... So, I'll be food-prep and kitchen stuff... fun, fun. I have ZERO waiting tables experience (except for a brief 3 months as a cocktail waitress at an Austin bar), or bartending... and I don't like to touch other peoples food... I told the volunteer coordinator that I don't do mornings... so I have to be there by 9 am... not too early... but still early.

Maybe I should try to get out of it... or not...

Tomorrow I may go to Asheville... a girl in my class's dad is throwing a party... it sounds fun. I want to go.

I spent today finishing the book "Love is a Mix Tape" and hanging out with a girl from my encaustic class who was workstudy. I think I would have made more friends... and had a completely different Penland experience if I'd have done workstudy.. but I know they have to wake up early.... I don't do well before noon... ever. I like my Penland experience... it was different than most... but I've really enjoyed it... it's what I needed.

I haven't looked at my paintings in a couple of days... I like them much more now... There's something about walking into a studio with work you've been struggling with... and seeing other people's work come together, that can be stressful... now that I've stepped back, I appreciate my work a lot more...

my roomie is making eggplant Parmesan for dinner.. yum

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