Sunday, November 9, 2008

what are you wrapped up in?

When I was in Dallas a week or two ago (wow, time is so insignificant...), I participated in my friend Tiffany Volmer's project. (original concept by tiffany volmer, photography by hal samples).

Tiff is putting together a project about women and what they are wrapped up in. She started this two years ago, when she experienced significant losses in her own life. That kind of suffering makes any soul search... and want to express themselves... that's what i do... that's what Tiffany is doing....

It comes from such a honest place. The place where suffering makes you crumble or leaves you no choice but to be stronger than you ever thought you'd be... That's why I agreed to participate in Tiff's project, with Hal Samples (a friend and an amazing photographer).

I'm only one of the women and concepts of Tiff's idea, and Hal's photography.... But i want to share my experience.

Tiff (a make-up artist and costume designer... also just a badass artist), painted me all white... even my hair... which took washing at LEAST 35 times before the oily white base came off....

It was translucent, and Tiff made a heart that was broken, but then glued back together and then tied with a bow of gauze... and that was glued on my chest. She also penciled in veins... to show, (my words, not her's... yet) that the heart was broken but mended... i was white... but the heart still pumped blood through my veins...
She will be setting up a website soon... and I'll keep everyone posted on her project... and Hal Samples ( is the amazing photographer who took these photo's and many more.... I feel the two of them worked together to create an amazing experience for me that expresses loss, suffering and a broken heart, but also hope, and love... LOVE that we choose to let help us to overcome suffering and make us more awake to love and so, so much stronger....

those two are an incredible team.... thank you to both... I'm so glad I was able to be a part of your project.


Modern Magdalene said...

You look beautiful; hurt, exposed, ALIVE, honest. I wish I were so brave. Be well out there, my friend...hope you enjoyed the Moab Clip=)

Ryann Rathbone said...

I did! thank you!



Anonymous said...

I am amazed!
Keep it up!
Ryan-- you are gorgeous & an inspiration beyond words!

Ryann Rathbone said...

Thank you, anonymous!

seriously though, thank you.


my so-called life said...

these pictures are so honest and beautiful. i think i see more and more of you each time i see them! absolutely lovely!