Saturday, July 12, 2008

F'art Studio: Coming Soon...

ahh, beech mountain. Cas and andrew came up the day before yesterday. It's interesting how much more of Beech I see when guests are here, instead of me, by myself. I like it.

We woke up cracking art/fart jokes, (having an 8 year old there brings out the dork in us). It went something like this: oh wow, I love your fart work, it really speaks to me. Have you sold any of your fartwork lately? Yes i've sold quite a few pieces of my fart. You're quite the fartist. We should make a fart studio so we can paint." My parents are so proud right now.... (or not)
Oh, Lordy... what's wrong with me? Andrew is still so excited about making a fart studio (which is just tarps down so we can do crafts) he's even made a sign that says, "Fart Studio... Coming Soon"

Finally the sun came out... it seemed like it had been pouring rain ever since I got out of the Nature Freak class... And I really wanted to go to a pool, or swimming to try and rid myself of this ridiculous farmer's tan. Laying out at a pool on the top of a mountain, I could tell I was up on a mountain just by looking at the sky... the clouds look closer, and you can see them move and change shape in different ways... Really cool. But the Sun is also closer... and even though I don't tan or burn easily, I got a little sunburned for the second time this summer... now that I realize that, hopefully it won't happen again.

then we went to see the animals at the wildlife refuge. Andrew was so surprised and loved it. Our favorite animal was an owl, that was doing some funky funky dance moves... we danced with him... so funny.

There's a beautiful mountain lake right there, and we went and sat out there and took pics (shocker) of ourselves (double shocker), while Andrew played with the fish and rocks. It was really a magical place. I don't have a way to post the pics now so I'll do it later.

W drove in last night, and we grilled out. A and I made a "Gem Museum" (It was my way of getting him to help me clean the kitchen... he wouldn't want the museum patrons to be turned off at the sight of the messy kitchen, would he? Then we rehearsed our scripts and led our two patrons to the grand opening of the gem museum (in the kitchen)... unfortunately, (as you can see from the pic below) the museum is now out of business... but the restaurant is open, and the fart studio is coming soon... (no pic of fart studio sign... he had already thrown it away before i could take a pic)...

Today has been a lazier day. We're a little pooped. I think tonight will be low key... movies, and maybe make some fart in the newly remodeled fart studio.

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