Thursday, July 3, 2008

July 2ndTh & Ankle to Kankle

Yesterday was the parade. I was only able to take a few pics with my cell phone... I'll post more as people email them to me.

Our class carried these huge puppets made during the last session... 

it was a blast... probably the best fireworks i've seen in a long time... the party afterwards was fun too... we danced and had great time.. but as i was leaving, the stairs were dark, i missed one and sprained my ankle... now it's a kankle... 

i will edit and repost this blog tomorrow... it's late and i have a TON to do.

love to all!

Okay... Now I'm adding and finishing this update:

July 2nd was our official July 4th, because the 4th falls on Friday, and that's when classes are over and everyone goes home. 

Our class decorated the puppets for the parade and wore them... Y had her own flower outfit (she is the one who held my head) and V wore the paper-mache chicken... SO cute! I think it's funny that she's sticking her tongue out at me... I didn't realize that until I looked at the pics on my computer.

It's a really short parade, from the gallery to the llama knoll... But I was carrying the chin of a huge puppet and moving it up and down, (like doing bicep curls) and the fabric in front of me was rubbing on my nose... so it seemed really long. 

K and the Yoga instructor were carrying the huge head... I was the mouth. I was blocked from view by a black fabric, that i could see through. But I didn't get to see the parade! All I saw was the bamboo bar attached to the cardboard I was moving around. Some people took great pics... I hope they email them to me. 

Of course, there were cicadas...

After that... I was stinky, so I ran back to take a shower before the fireworks. They were huge! I don't think I've seen fireworks like that since I was a kid. It was really fun. Some locals come to watch the fireworks, but it's still a small crowd... with kids running around everywhere with sparklers.

One little boy was just running as fast as he could in the sand volleyball court, in circles... and then when his sparkler went out, he looked so disappointed. Then he ran up to his dad and said, "Daddy! Daddy! I need TWO!"  It was cute... he got two, and started to run in circles again. 

Our class was going on a hike at 7am on the 3rd. I already wasn't digging the early morning idea... and I went to a party. A lot of the younger locals and people were there... Everyone was dancing and having fun. And then... I missed a stair... and twisted my ankle. (Mom & Dad: this is the first time in a LONG time that I've been accident prone! It was a fluke, I swear!)

So... No hiking for me. The next day I screamed in pain whenever I tried to put a little pressure on it. I was given an aircast and advil, and by the afternoon I was doing much better. I went to the studio and worked on my bog-scape more... I REALLY wanted to finish it for show and tell...

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