Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hormonal indecision

I woke up today: irritable and indecisive.

Where should I go? Where did I want to go? What should I do? What do I have the energy to do?

I was also craving chocolate... did I mention I was irritable... hmm? 

When I realized what was wrong with me, I snapped out of it... well... mostly. I packed up and left Penland, but still couldn't decide where to go. To Blowing Rock? To Beech? Back to Penland? Seriously indecisive. 

I decided to go to Beech. I'm really tired after two weeks of class. There's so much everyone wants to get done in a short amount of time... and if I don't stop and take time to nap or sleep, then I'm pooped. I'm glad I'm here (at Beech), I need the alone time and the rest.  

I went to the little store at the top of Beech, "Fred's," and bought cookies, ice cream, poptarts, and a butterfinger (switching up the Snickers routine)... and then I bought turkey and cheese for sandwiches... I think I'm going to draw, read and eat myself into a chocolate-induced coma tonight. 

I bought a book for the encaustic class I'll be taking in two weeks. I'm looking forward to reading it. 

Maybe I should have gone to the beach/Outer Banks after all. Maybe I should just pack up and head that way. I hear it's gorgeous, 82 and sunny.... or maybe I shouldn't, it's a really long drive. 

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