Sunday, July 20, 2008


Sorry I haven't blogged in a few days. I've been chilling, and haven't had great internet access or cell service.

Andrew and I had a great time at Penland. We went to Pablo Soto's studio (the picture above is of his work... Photographer: Andrew) and watched M (my new roomie) and Pablo blow glass. We also saw his wife's studio, Cristina Cordova is a ceramics artist, and Kel used to work for her. Andrew was more interested in meeting and playing (or flirting) with their daughter, who is around his age.

Andrew told me about the seven girlfriends he had in Kindergarten... I asked him if I could be his girlfriend, and instead of an answer like, "eww no old lady" (which I expected)... he smiled and said, "I'm too short." Trying not to laugh I said, "and I'm too old... maybe in 20 years." To which, he said, "I'll be like twenty-eight and you'll be forty something!" me: "Perfect!" and he blushed and smiled. Ha... kids are funny.

Cassie and Andrew left for Florida... they're moving. :( But I'm gonna go visit. I left for Beech Mountain again, for some R&R before I start class. M came up too. We had fun, just chilling... going to the pool and wildlife refuge and then checking out the Tapas restaurant in Banner Elk... Which was really good.

I've seen several skunks up at Beech... Cas and Werdy saw 5... Last night M and I were outside, and heard dog barking and then smelled skunk. It was so close that we got sprayed too! It wasn't a direct hit, but enough to make us really stinky. Skunk smells TOTALLY different when you're that close, rather than the usual smell that I associate with skunk... ewww... I keep smelling it, even after a shower and hydrogen peroxide.

My class starts tonight. I'm on my way back to Penland... back to the LCW (Little Cabin in the Woods), back to the bugs, back to class. I'm so excited about this class, Encaustic Painting. But I'm nervous again too. New class, new people, new teachers... new techniques... here I go...

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