Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hoot Hoot

We have WATER! yay!

Earlier today we thought we may have to wait till Thursday ( at the earliest) for water... but it DID rain buckets (literally) last night... so I was able to shower completely tonight! The reality of the suckiness of not having water has kept us filling the back of the toilet with rainwater... I'm sure that's what we'll do here at LCW, until the buckets run out.

I had a VERY productive day today. I took busy work home, that I would usually do in the studio.. which is full of distractions. I borrowed Mikes head phones and blared Kings of Leon and Blonde Redhead records on my iPod. All of my classmates are great.. but with my short attention-span, that's not the best environment for me to work in.

I spent all night scraping off excess layers of wax... not my favorite activity.

This morning, I took Freezer Paper and ironed tissue paper on the waxy side. That is the coolest thing ever! I was able to cut the tissue paper/freezer paper so they would fit in the printer. Then I copied and printed images on the paper. When the tissue paper is ironed on to wax paper, it also makes it an easier surface to draw on.

Then I was able to pull the tissue paper off and collage the image on with encaustic. (the sacred heart was done that way)

I also decided today I would only paint/draw owls... that limits some of the limitlessness of what I can do with encaustic.

When I got to the studio this afternoon, I felt focused... not overwhelmed... I think that is because I had a plan, and some pieces I could incorporate into work. ... so i painted an owl.... not so easy... but I think he's kinda cute.

In the first class (the "Portraits Narratives and Myths Class" that was not supposed to be glass blowing... but was), my instructor told me that my work was too pretty and too narrative.... (funny if you think about the name of the class), but I was thinking about that today... and I love to write... to tell stories... and if I can't tell stories with words, I'd like to tell them with my art. All of my art is narrative... like a blog in pictures... that doesn't make me feel insecure anymore.

I'm really sorry that I've been hard to get in touch with lately... there is no internet and my cell does not work well at the house... and when I'm on campus, well,... I'm working... or checking the internet... which I get teased about by my classmates...

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Justin Voight said...

Hey Ryann. I really do like the direction of your work. I think the encaustic is a good medium for you. The textures and patterns are great and like you said create a graphic quality that I really love. I was just wondering how big your work is. I cant get a sense of scale from the pics. Keep up the great work!