Monday, July 28, 2008

No Water... no flushing... no shower... no bueno

I was able to clean up my car and studio space... although, by evening, I'd already made a huge mess in my studio space.

I think I'm finally starting to understand what people mean when they say have I have my own style... I've asked a couple of people in my class... They said it's because I have a strong design quality... almost like painting like it was graphic design. I'm glad, because I was worried that it was because I was painting birds... and if I stopped painting birds or wallpaper-like backgrounds, I wouldn't have my own style. But now I know that's not true.

I do like graphic design a lot. I love collage. I think I paint that way. The only thing about painting, is that, unlike photoshop, there's no "undo" button. I think that makes me more hesitant to put the brush to canvas.

I'm working on backgrounds... that takes a LOT of prep time. I mean A LOT of mindless prep time. Here's an example... it doesn't look like much... but that took up most of the day yesterday.

Today I decided that I'm going to take the tedious prep work home with me... that way I can sit in front of a movie and work... instead of being in a studio with a lot of distractions going on around me.

Also, earlier today, I was at the house... I smelled like a mountain hobo, so jumped in the shower. After I soaped up, the water stopped! I had to get the soap off with a towel... I hadn't washed my hair yet. All of the water is GONE! There's a drought here, and it caught up to the house's water supply. What's funny is that Mike was telling me the other day that he's never had a problem with water running out... He jinxed us!
I didn't realize how bad the situation was, until I got a text from him that said that it was bad news... I can shower at Pablo's and to pray for rain. About three hours later, it started to rain... HARD. It's still raining! I called him to ask him if he did some sort of rain-dance.. he said he was about to ask me the same thing. It hasn't rained for so hard and long since I've been here... The pump is off so the reservoir can fill up... so he's been finding any and everything that will work as a bucket to collect rain in... That's really good news, because even though we can't shower... at least now we can flush the toilet...

but if we weren't able to flush... and had to go outside... we would have to reflect on the oh so important question: Do you burn or bury the t.p. .... hmmm....?

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