Friday, July 25, 2008

Okay, so I over used the word AMAZING today (and awesome and great)

"I know they're good for the ecosystem and all, but that really sucks they're living in your couch."

Yes... I overheard this part of a conversation, backstage at the Old 97s show on Thursday night. And what was living in the couch? "Tree rats." hmmm....?

Thursday was Cas's last night in Asheville before she drove the big ol' Budget truck to Florida. We went to the Orange Peel, a cool live music venue in Ashe-Vegas with the biggest fan on the ceiling I've ever seen... seriously.

I was looking forward to see Rhett and the guys... and was surprised to see the guys from the Cut*off there too. They played at Jayme and my birthday party last February. It was really good to see some familiar faces. They are all so awesome!

We were all talking back stage and I really wish.... actually I was kicking myself for not having a tape recorder. Some of the random bits of conversation were so funny... like the tree rats... Another quote, "he's got like, Whore-Polarity or something." Backstage humor... and the signs... oh the funny funny signs.... (this pic was not posed at all... i'm lying).

I was trying really hard to remember more... but can't. We had such a blast! Seriously, all of the guys in both bands are JUST AWESOME. (okay Q-dog.... that one was for you).

Rhett is such an amazing performer... here is a perfect example of the difference between an amazing musician, a halfass one:

All of the electricity goes out on the stage for the last part of the show... Do you:
A. Explain to the audience that there are technical difficulties and then end the show, and get mad and yell at some one backstage.

or B. Pick up an accoustic guitar and start jamming out songs the audience knows and singing at the top of your lungs (no mic) , giving the crowd an amazing memorable concert they won't forget..

Rhett picked B... gave it his all, the crowd was singing along, the floor was bouncing... no one will forget what an amazing live performance The Old 97's put on.

The Cut*off didn't have a place to crash... and without even thinking to ask first, I offered them the empty hardwood floors in Cas's living room... They actually took us up on the offer... two of the guys crashed so hard, we could hear them snoring in the other room.. and the next day when I got up, they were still crashed out and snoring in the same spots on the floor. We had so much fun hanging out with those guys... if ya'll are reading this: thank you, we had a blast!

Yesterday (Friday), I started out in the best mood when I drove back to Penland... still high on all of the fun from the night before. I got to the studio, made some more progress.... I learned a great technique to transfer images on wax!

It has to be a Xerox (something to do with the ink), and then you warm a flat surface of wax, when it's luke warm, you put the image face down and rub the back of it (with something hard), then you take a bit of water and rub off the paper... that leaves the ink image on the wax. Very cool! Especially because before I left Dallas, Sam made a bunch of Xerox copies of my bird drawings! Thank you Sam! ... (wow, lot's of "shout outs" from me today).

Next we had class critiques... I wasn't digging that idea because I don't feel like I've done anything substantial yet.... The third critique was a girl in the class whose work I really like... a lot. She likes my work a lot, too... We have the same aesthetic (yes, I know... I hate that word... but it works here). Her work is very personal (like mine is)... and she said she felt like an impostor making art (sound familiar?)... and during her critique (which was all very positive), I started to get emotional.

I don't know exactly what was said, but I wanted to cry. I wanted to leave the room... but didn't want to make a scene (by crying or leaving the room), so I started to have an anxiety attack.. after her critique I left the studio... sat outside and cried. I don't know what triggered it... I was confused... why was I crying? I have no idea... still have no idea.

After I got myself together, I came back inside... and then it was time for mine. I wanted to cry again... I didn't know how to describe my work... I don't know what I'm doing... or trying to do or say... ugh.

I pulled out some of my old drawings and started to collage them. Everyone was nice... offering help with techniques..

The good thing is, in this class everyone is so supportive and encouraging.

You know how there's "that one" person in EVERY class? Well, there's NOT one in this class... As a class we even talked about how great the dynamic is.

It's great for the class... but it doesn't make for a very entertaining blog.

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