Wednesday, July 9, 2008

N-dog C-dog

It's hard to type with a cat on the keyboard. (That's Luna). Maybe I shouldn't be talking about "-dog" with a cat on my keyboard...

I miss being in class and having a schedule. I don't have one now, and I literally laid in bed this morning going over letters in the alphabet, and deciding which ones were or were not "gangsta'" enough to add "-dog" to... For example: J-Dog works... L-Dog doesn't... G-Dog works... R-dog not so much. On the fence about U, Y, Z, S, but W and I definitely don't work....I don't really know why or what was going on in my head... or why I'm still thinking about it... Did I mention that I'm really looking forward to starting my next class?

Before I picked up the encaustic painting class, I was supposed to be back in Dallas now, and supposed to be interviewed on the Veria network ( for their show, "The Art of Living Gallery" and talk about how art has helped me heal. I emailed them and said I was still interested, but had some more healing to do in North Carolina... So, it's going to work out... I can do the interview sometime next month. I'm glad, because art has been very healing for me. Art and nature...

The last few days I've been bouncing around western N.C.; From Penland to Beech, to Asheville to Penland to Beech and then back to Asheville. That's actually exactly what I've done... And now I'm back in Ashe-Vegas.

Cas and I ordered a pizza from Mellow Mushroom and cut up fresh garlic and jalapenos to put on top. It was delicious... I had eaten half of the pizza by the time she finished her first piece! Today I woke up and it felt like little elves, wearing cleats, were Riverdancing on my esophagus... HEART BURN! ugh... Rolaids aren't aiding... I almost drank Calamine Lotion, because I was so desperate for a cure. It's gotten much better, but I had to miss out on delicious Indian food (and Chicken Tikka Masala), from Mela today.

The night before last I stayed at The Little Cabin in the Woods (or LCW) by Penland. M is out of town and said I could come and go as I pleased... So, I did.. I got a little freaked out, especially at night... and during the day when some wild turkeys spooked me. I'm going to rent a room at LCW from M (M-dog... just kidding), during the 5th session... That is will save me a LOT of money. I went ahead and paid for the class yesterday. It's a 2 and 1/2 week class... which is going to be great. Usually that A-HA moment comes after the first week, right when the session is winding down.

I have no clue what I'll do today... Although a blue grass band from Austin is playing at Penland tonight... They're called the Flat Car Rattlers I may go check it out.


NJR said...

Q-Dog sounds not so much gangsta, but vaguely menacing.


Ryann Rathbone said...


that makes me think even more... which letters are still usable (or "vaguely menacing") but not gangsta...

i really need to break it down

A-dog (okay... nevermind... i shouldn't go back there, or else i'll probably end up with an excel spreadsheet of the alphabet and -dog.