Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Stuck in the Bog Scape

Moths or butterflies? I think I like moths better... They look like little old wizards with long beards and coats on.... And they can be gorgeous.. This moth is absolutely incredible. It's called a Luna Moth. I'm going to draw it next... now he's just laying on my desk... (yeah... I know: dead bug on my desk).

I feel like I've just emerged from a bog-landscape-induced coma. I think my eyes will be permanently crossed, and I've developed arthritis in my fingers... 

At least I was able to work on my landscape of the bog today... or rather my bog-scape. I'm getting frustrated though... why won't the watercolors dry faster and why aren't they thicker (like acrylic)... because they're not acrylic... 

Today I turned in a card I made to go in a box of my class's work for the auction. My instructor, RJ says I've developed my own style. And he really likes it. I told him that is my style because I don't know how to paint like a realist. He told me he could teach me... but I'd just have to unlearn it to develop my own style. Sooo, that's my style and I'm stickin' to it. 

My style is flattening plants and using thick lines to show the borders. People seem to like it... so I guess that's good. 

When working on the bog-scape (ALL DAY) I decided to draw a unique kinda landscape.... not a boring snapshot of it... but rather the things that I saw that stick out in my memory. Like the trench and the salamander. I remember those things from the bog, so even if it's not "realistic" it's more real to me than painting a landscape of just bog. It's not even close to being done.

Later tonight I went back up to the studio to work on (guess what???) more bog. I broke out the permanent markers to help ease my aggravation and help the bog-scape finish faster. 

Then I went up to the glass studio to watch the class demonstrate making a giant glass bacon cheeseburger. It took about 10 people and lasted two hours. Insane. Glass blowing is not exactly a solo hobby or profession. That instructor made a giant hot dog (with bun) a few days ago and some fries before that. Anyone hungry?

I like to draw and paint little things.... not make 80 lbs. glass cheeseburgers.  But it was so fun to watch!

4th of July parade is tomorrow... I'm looking forward to seeing V in the chicken suit.


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Emily Van Aken said...

Hey pretty lady!
I'm so happy that you are having a good time! I love reading all of your updates! Thanks for keeping me in the loop!