Saturday, July 26, 2008

Say "Prune!"

One thing I've learned this summer was that when the Olsen twins have a picture taken they say "Prune" so there lips look pouty. I'm not sure if this is true or not, but Cas seemed convinced. So we have taken many many pictures saying "Prune" instead of "Cheese."

I don't think I have it down yet... I usually look angry. We've also had other people say "Prune" with us... above are some photos.

On Saturdays, we don't have class... the studio is open for us to work in. I took it easy today. I slept in. Read some of the book that Laura sent me. It's called, "Love is a mix tape: Life and Loss One Song at a Time" by Rob Sheffield. It's his memoir, about the love of his life who died suddenly... I got chills reading the first chapter. He talks about how he wakes up panicking that he may forget details about Renee, like what color her eyes were... I feel the same way. I know I won't forget, but reading this makes me want to write everything down that I can... So I won't be scared to forget.

I also watched the movie, The King of California. I loved it. I can't even describe it... it's just really good.

I went to the studio for a while... I did some transferring with a bird drawing... There's a man, Xander, who teaches collage who comes in to paint, even though he's in another class. I've talked to him a bit. His work is awesome... (I'll post the web site tomorrow when I get his card). He gave me some papers and transparencies that I can collage with. He started to show me some of his work... I noticed a lot of writing in some collage with words and some were circled and crossed out. He said it was from some game. I said, "Boggle?" yes... it was Boggle.

C and I used to play boggle a LOT. When ever we played we used the same notebooks to keep score... I still have all of those. So now I know what I can do with them. This is why I'm here... I want to take past memories and make them present... and by making them into art, I think it gives them new life... and old memories will make new memories... I don't know if that makes sense out of my head, but in my head it sounds good.

Oh yeah! The girl who makes jewelry from plants and seeds and flowers cast in silver, gave me her website... it's

Tomorrow, I'm going to clean, clean clean... my car and my desk.

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