Monday, June 16, 2008

Bye Bye Lake

Babka- A loaf-shaped coffee cake made with sweet yeast dough to which raisins, chocolate or nuts can be added.  Very delicious!

That was from the dictionary on my computer. except for the obvious... :)

Monday, Monday, Monday...

The day really has no meaning now that I don't have a work week. But, I was really productive today...

I swam in the lake... at first I was still slightly freaked out at the thought of little "friends" in the water... But I overcame that (well, kinda). I decided to try and float without the noodles. It's strange how our bodies naturally float when you totally relax. I think I must have been a synchronized swimmer in my last life, because I tried to swim horizontally, in circles... and I've gotta say, I kind of impressed myself! 

I found a really cool fishing lure in the lake. The other day I found a $5 bill in a parking lot, and today a fishing lure. After I found that, I was on a treasure hunt in the lake... but the only thing I found was some aluminum foil. 

Then, I did some outside yoga. It was a beautiful day. The lake was warm, the sun was out and there was a really cool breeze. I'm glad I don't burn easily (I don't burn or tan easily), because I was in the water and sun for a while. 

I had to go back to Lowe's again... This time I bought spray lacquer. The brush-on kind smears sharpie and makes everything run and stink... and it takes forever to dry. I touched up girl with antlers... and I had a hard time with one of her eyes... She was looking google-y eyed. I'm glad i didn't give up on that piece before... I'm starting to really like it... I think I'll REALLY like it when it's done.

Her face is not supposed to be a self-portrait, but when I was painting her eyes and mouth, I had to look at my eyes and mouth so I could get the physical characteristics correct.

We had dinner outside. G and I talked about the tobacco industry and the tobacco settlements for an hour. NC is tobacco country... And having worked for the two biggest companies, I know a bunch of useless information. Then a boat came by, and the guys fishing off of the boat caught a BIG fish right by the house... We clapped when they finally got the fish in the boat. And then G yelled out that he charges... i thought that was funny.

Goodbye Lake... it's been fun... I'll be thinking about you when I'm dirty and hot at Penland.

I CLEANED my car!!! YAY! I vacuumed it out and tried the best I could, with the amount of stuff and limited space I have, to organize it.  

We leave for Charleston in the morning. I'm gonna get a hotel for one or two nights, and then either drive to Asheville or Beech Mtn. 

I really like going wherever and not worrying about plans. 

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Anonymous said...

I love all of your stuff!I can't wait until I can bribe you into doing some stuff for me! Antler lady looks horny. (Can I say that on a blog I know your mom reads? It's just a pun, Mom, clever(ish) wordplay! I mean no harm!)A