Thursday, June 26, 2008

To burn T.P. or to bury T.P? That is the question...

Today was spent learning watercolor techniques... I never realized how different painting techniques are... I guess that's because I've never taken a class before now.

I think I like working with acrylics because of the instant gratification from the drying time, and the ability to paint over a wrong color or mistake. Watercolor is much more like layering, and we are basically making drawings and tinting them using really light layers of watery paint.

I finally found my camera battery charger! WOO HOO! now I can take photos tomorrow on our field trip. (I totally forgot where we are going).

When we were discussing the essential items to take on a hike, the really sweet and really LOUD (also a constant question-asker) older woman (I'll call her V from now on), piped up with, "Excuse me, but aren't you forgetting to mention taking toilet tissue, incase we need to use the restroom?" (that got my attention) and RJ answers, "Yes, when I go poop in the woods I use toilet paper and then burn the it with my lighter." 
me: *trying not to smile too big*
V: "How do you burn it?"
RJ: "I take the soiled tissue, unroll it and burn it from the bottom up."
me: *trying not to laugh*
V: "I thought you were supposed to bury it"

This to-burn-or-to-bury-t.p conversation went on for 15 mins... incredible!

I take my own car on our field trips, everyone else piles in a big van. It looks like a huge white van full of bird watchers... the socks and tevos, visors, fanny packs, sunglasses with the strap, binoculars and hand-lenses adorned...   I need to have my own car so that I can leave if I need to, and also, it lets me feel more like an observer... I feel like I'm in one of those "waiting for guffman" or "best in show" movies... (faux documentary). I'll take pics tomorrow. Everyone in my class is really nice.

There is a 4th of July parade (on the 2nd) and our class wanted to carry HUGE puppets... watching everyone decide which to be was also entertaining... V screamed: "I want to be the chicken!" and pointed to a plump paper-mache chicken that you put over your head and walk around with.... and then she put it on... I swear: that was the cutest thing I've ever seen. One of the other ladies agreed, "wow.. and your shoes go perfect!" (this is a chicken costume....) 

I'm really learning a lot. I was thinking to day how I feel so much more peaceful... even much more than 2 weeks ago. Even with my ups and downs, I really feel like I'm right where I'm supposed to be now. 

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