Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Screen Playin'

Some of my favorite things from today:

When talking to a studio assistant about "the finer things in life" my classmate said, "What? Wine, Woman and REAL deodorant."    Ha!

What I didn't realize, is (like me), she considers this experience at Penland to be great material for a screen play. I agree. While I've been quoting her (and others) she's been quoting me. For example, today she said, "Well, maybe we should have been more proactive." And I answered, "Proactive? We're too confused to be proactive." And after we both cracked up... she wrote that down... 

I have to say that I really thought I was the only one trying to remember the funny quotes of the day.

The other quote of the day is: "Oh, you're Jewish? I've always wanted to have a Jewish friend!"

The one I overhead after that was: "Oh you're a lesbian. I know some lesbians."

Too much screen play material to remember!!!

Really, this class is almost over... strange. I'm really glad I'm coming back. 

Our instructors were a bit scattered (that's being overly generous- they were mainly here on family vacations and to work on their own work), so I know what to look for in a class (or what to look for to not take a class) the next time I come.

I worked on various things tonight... tomorrow is the last studio day. I'll be pouring glass in the molds, painting, and finishing up things... 

Today, I needed to drill holes in the glass droplets... but the instructors were no where to be found, so I tried to figure it out on my own... Yeah.... that didn't work. I didn't realize it was a drill that needed water on. So I cracked the first droplet, and then burned my finger. Then I asked a classmate, and she showed me. 

Later I took the orange statue of a saint and chopped her head off with the saw, and then I made 3 more parallel cuts... hmmm? angst? repression? who knows? I'm planning to take glass squares and glue them in the cuts. nice. 

I met the current tenant in K's old house, We went over there tonight. It was fun, and nice, and DEFINITELY the "little cabin in the woods."

I just got back to the room. I should write more and might look over this tomorrow (if I get a chance) and add and edit... or not. 


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