Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Thrifty Waxing

I wasn't able to post anything last night... I tried to get online with no luck. 

Yesterday, T. was sick of seeing me drawing patterns... So, I went in to Spruce Pine, for a little thrift store shopping. I found this saint (pic left- orange), a little statue of Mary, some old jars, and a big ceramic fork and spoon.... oh, and a little plate with a tea kettle on it.

I came back and said, "I want to make this into glass." I don't know why, but to me the process seems like it should be much easier than it really is. 
We had to mix algenate (sp?)- the same stuff a dentist uses to get impressions of teeth- and then I poured hot wax into the algenate molds.... then I had to excavate the wax.... and clean it up. The cleaning the wax up to look like the original is what takes the most time. The black duplicates in the photos are the wax sculptures. 

I made wax sculptures of the Saint, the little Mary statue and an antler. I'm not sure how I'm going to make them into glass yet. I could make a plaster mold and pour glass in, or I could make  mold to blow a glass bubble into (a blow mold).... or.... I don't know. 

Yesterday, a classmate and I discovered that the supply store only has white chocolate Reese's Penut Butter Cups... We decided that is a crime to only have white chocolate! They actually have a bunch of white chocolate... who likes white chocolate THAT much?! Really?

I was in the studio WAY too long yesterday... I could hear the rap music in the hot shop, and it sounded like the rappers were saying "blowin' glass" and other glass related things... I was the only one who thought that... I needed to go home.

Yesterday's quote of the day: 

"I've been using all natural deoderant for two years now, and I've never smelled worse."  
-yes... from a classmate, I laughed so hard that my lungs hurt.

Last night (about 1am) I was leaving the studio and the metals studio assistant was walking home with groceries (I know... at 1am?), and he dropped them breaking glass in the road. He didn't have a flashlight so I helped him. And since his bags were broken (and with items like a cutting board and ice cube trays, I assumed he lived close), I offered to help him carry them to his house. He said it was really close. It wasn't. But it was a cute little cabin in the woods, and I made a new friend.

After I helped him, I had to walk back. We had been talking about bears and stuff (and the night before I had watched the trailer for J's new movie... which is SCARY), so I got a little spooked. Me running fast and breathing hard while my flashlight bounces everywhere: through an open field,then uphill, on a deserted dirt road at 1:30 am... it looked like a scene out of the "Blair Witch Project" or a horror movie... It wasn't funny until today... 


J.Voight said...

Bears smell fear... or is that bees? Anyway!

Ryann said...

who knows... probably both can smell my fear. But I was told tonight that I should probably be more scared of deer... and spiders... and copperheads. bummer.