Wednesday, June 11, 2008

C.U. part deux

I'm no longer at Beech Mountain... I'm on Lake Norman, near Charlotte as of this afternoon. 

It is GORGEOUS! and I'm so glad to be here!

I haven't really figured out the purpose of this blog... is it to update everyone on where I am? or update on art stuff? or my journal (that I just let everyone read)? or to entertain? 

I don't really know... I guess it's a bit of all of those things. 

Some days I'm more entertaining than others...

The love/hate relationship I have with technology is becoming increasingly amusing... I cringe when my cell phone rings, or I check my email, and I have a lot of emails to return... but I freak out when I have no cell service or internet access... and I get sad ("poor me... no one loves me") if no one has called.... hmmm... I'm the first to admit that it makes no sense.
So now I finally have internet and cellphone service, and can communicate at will.

The heat wave here is FINALLY starting to break... It was HOT! not TX hot... but hot enough... so hot, that I really didn't want to go outside.

So... the last two days were spent at Beech.... doing collage! Yes! Collage is so fun, I really wish I would have thought of collage as an alternative to sketch books before now!  I really don't like to sketch stuff out (if I do, it's not a sketch.. it's a time consuming drawing that defeats the purpose of sketching). 

A.B., P, M and I went to an art supply store where we got... lots of art supplies (duh).  I love peeling dried glue off of my fingers... and that's something that goes hand-in-hand with collage...

Today we went gem mining. Gem mining is fun... but really there is no "mining".... it seems like they give you a bucket with big ol' gems (and hardly anything else except gems), and then you shake the tray under water, basically wetting them, to see their color, and guess what they might be. 

It's not getting dirty or getting into a cave... (even though there IS a cave: see picture on lft), but it's still really fun. The best part is when they tell you what kinda gems you've got. 

My best gem today was a big ruby I found... It doesn't look like a ruby... it looks like a rock. But if I were to polish it...

I got out of the habit of writing.. I need to be consistent again... but I'm going to ease into it ... Tomorrow I plan to sleep late and enjoy this insanely gorgeous lake. 

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J.Voight said...

I love the collage idea. They look great!