Monday, June 16, 2008


I didn't write last night, because I was working on this piece still... I'd like to finish it. She's looking better... but not done yet. I've decided on a title already; "Fitting In"

I don't know how or why that title came to me... but it did. And I like it. So, it's staying.

I'm not freaking out anymore about Charleston. I'm gonna take my own car, and stay in a hotel, and probably leave on Weds or Thurs. There are lots of alligators in Charleston, I've been told. 

Yesterday, was Father's Day. This year, two fathers were on my mind: Dad and Ken.

I went to church with G and T. It was a young-come-as-you-are-rock'n-roll church. People dressed really casual (which was good for my wardrobe) and even the pastor was wearing jeans. He also used props like hammers and shovels (I still don't really know the purpose of the props) and was very theatrical. I think he would have been a great TV actor. It was cool, but I did cringe a bit when he would fake cry while talking about and to Jesus.

After that, I went and had lunch with my cousin and her husband who live in Charlotte. I haven't seen her since her wedding, two years ago. And I didn't even get to see her very much then, because the night before her wedding, my eye had a run-in with my friend's head... and I had a horrible black eye that was completely swollen shut (see photo)
 Anyways.. It was definitely nice to see her and her husband, and visit.

After a full tummy and good conversation, I went the the Charlotte Museum of Craft and Design... As SOON as I walked in the door, I noticed a poster for a current show, Possibilities. One of the pictures caught my eye and I thought, "hey, that looks like Cristina's work." Kel used to work for Cristina (who is a ceramics artist) when she lived at Penland. Cristina and her husband are still living and working by Penland... I need to call her...

Anyways, I thought it looked like her work, and it was! And another artist in the show is a glass resident at Penland. So, I got to see their work. Pretty nifty.

When I walked in the museum's permanent collection, the first thing I saw was my old crazy instructor T.'s piece! Yep. One of the throw-together-glass-with-silicone-glue-and-then-slap-acrylic-paint-on pieces. I have to say, this one actually looked like it took a while. It was a glass chair... and actually did look really cool. I wanted to point at it and yell to everyone in the museum, "I KNOW HIM!" but didn't. 

The current show was about things not being what they seem. There was jewelry made from human hair (but you couldn't tell) and there even was a ring, where the jewelry artist took a single hair and cut it and laid it in resin to look like a sketch of a woman lounging... it was incredible... there's NO way I would have known it was a hair if the info card didn't say so.

After being inspired, and then driving around Charlotte... I got some chocolate Babka and headed back to the lake. I was just in time for the most incredible sunset.

Later last night, I stayed up WAY too late painting, and ate WAY too much chocolate babka... Bluh... I don't think I'll be able to even look at chocolate babka anytime in the near future...


mom said...

the sunset pic is magnificent.
the girl with antlers is very nice. Is the face sort of a self-portrait?

What is babka????
never heard of it.

Where r u painting?

Dad, Brit, Abby and I had an intense boggle match last night. dad won.


Ryann said...

Babka is yummy.... all the info is in the next blog. :)

I've been painting upstairs in the room I'm staying in... When I do the stinky lacquer stuff, I do it outside.

I wanna play boggle!!! That would be so fun. Who found the best word?

I miss ya'll, and love ya'll!

It'll be fun when you come up in August.