Sunday, June 22, 2008

Second Class

Last night I stayed at Beech... I had a great visit with my aunt and uncle.

today I left for Penland... It was raining HARD... and a little hail too... These mountains are actually considered a temperate rain forest because of the amount of rain they get. At least it's nice weather and not too hot. 

The drive from Beech Mtn to Penland is fun... windy roads, and little towns, like Minneapolis, NC (even though I've never been, I'd bet it's NOTHING like Minneapolis). The street signs and names are cute, like "Granny Edith's Road" ... And that probably was Granny Edith, herself, sitting on her front porch in the rocking chair.

I was not as nervous this time when I drove up to Penland... I guess I feel like I know the ropes and the place better now... I'll be staying at Bill's Place again, in the same room... I'm so so so glad. It was nice before. Plus, I had internet access and could blog nightly.

Back to the land of cicadas again... it still sounds like the school is actually a spaceship.

I have to meet for my class at 5pm... and I'll write more later tonight.

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abales said...

looking forward to hearing how class #2 is going .... and how the "nature freaks" are. i am sure it is awesome. you sound really good. i am so glad you are doing this. can't wait to see more pics & hear more updates. just wanted to touch base. take care, amy