Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cold Shower

I'm melting! My cellphone self-portrait, while I was about to nap and was really, really, really, overheated.

Aha! Finally, I am able to get online! I've been trying for a while. 

Today was the last day. Tomorrow is just clean up and goodbyes. 

Unfortunately, today was also the hottest day. I'm not sure what the temperature was, but it was H-O-T! 

I woke up kinda late and went to the studio... the heat made me heavy and tired. I felt like I was dragging myself around campus. I had my daily Snickers bar (yes, for breakfast). 

I've become very attached to Snickers. Everyone else here says that they've gained weight since they've been here (we have fantastic food three times a day), but I feel like I've lost weight. I must usually eat worse than I think I do. I was craving sugar so much that I went to the store and bought a Symphony Bar (not the king-sized... but the bigger one, I think it's the family sized) and a Snickers, and I ate them both in 30 mins! After that, I bought the value pack of Snickers... and I buy them in the Supply Store. I'm averaging 2 Snickers/day. I realized there is 24-hr cereal (and they have Coco Puffs!), so I've been late-night snacking on cereal. All of this food, and I still think I've lost weight. 

Back to the heat: In Texas, when it's 100 degrees, everyone's miserable, and no one feels sorry for you when you're overheated. Here, it's a little over 90, and everyone is very concerned and making sure that you're hydrated, rested and not overheating. 

I went back to my room, stripped and took a long nap. Then I woke up and took a freezing cold shower (intentionally), and I was still sweating. 

Today we had a "meeting" (if I was talking, I would have used finger quotes when I said "meeting"). I was listening to our instructors talk for 2 hrs, but I still don't know what the "meeting" was about. The only thing I learned, was that T. has an (insert finger quotations) "artist" friend, who was paid $90,000 for a custom piece of art, so he went to the guy's house and peed in it, circled his pee, cleaned it up and gold-leafed the area where he peed. That, and he has another "artist" friend who was paid $40,000 to make a cat house (like a dog house), and took a card board box and wrote "CAT" on it. I'm sorry... really?! I REALLY don't think that's art... and if someone's gonna pay that much... well, I guess they deserve to have their floor peed on. 

Is that art? or is that faux art? and can I abbreviate faux art as  sorry, I couldn't resist, or come up with anything more clever...

What made the "meeting" great and worth it, was the surprise ice cream that we got.... YUM! 

Then I went back to my room and took another nap, and prayed for rain, or that the sun would go down a couple hours early. 

It didn't. 

Tonight also was the auction. At the end of every session, there is an auction where students and instructors can donate art work to raise money for the school. It was a 4 hr ordeal. They had a real auctioneer. I couldn't understand a word he said. 

T. made a glass house (a signature piece of his), glued a glass ball in it and slapped some acrylic paint on it... all of that took 20 min max... it went for $1,500. The crazy thing is that people usually pay $6,000 for one of those.  

I didn't donate a piece... because I really don't have one completed piece. I think I figured out what I'm going to do with the droplets... nope... not gonna tell. :)

I was going to just walk back over here (my room), get my car, and then go back to the studio to load up my car, but I think I'm going to go to bed early and try to wake up early (HA! - but I need to)

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