Saturday, June 28, 2008

short and sweet: a spider variety pack

Today I saw the grossest thing ever...

A dirt-dobber nest fell down... I didn't pick it up. But when M picked it up... it was FILLED with an assortment of spiders... a roll of a variety of spiders! There were a bunch in there... It was soooo gross.

I've never seen anything like that before. and i didn't realize that they ate spiders... I guess I learn something new everyday.

After that we watched a movie... i was too scared of bugs to go outside. I definitely needed a day of nothingness... that's what i got...

Being in a place that is so small as its advantages... but also its disadvantages... Everyone knows everyone... and they really have nothing better to do than to talk about other people... if any girl hangs out with any guy: rumors start. I've ALWAYS had guy friends. Great guy friends... So, I'm really hoping that when I hang out with some of my new guy friends, people don't start talking... but they have... and they will.  I guess I get offended because I'm still grieving. whatever. It's not gonna get me down. 

There's a party tonight at Penland... I need to get up there. It's a forest party... i don't know exactly what kind of costume that requires... so i have on a green t-shirt. i can't believe there have been two costume parties that I haven't had a costume for!

hopefully tonight's party will be more fun because i know more people... :)

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