Friday, June 27, 2008

Can I put my hands on your head?

Notice the last item on the "field trip" list... TISSUE PAPER. Proof of the potty paper story in my last blog!

I didn't go on the field trip today. I woke up today not feeling as great as yesterday... I guess my ups and downs are still getting better, but it still bummed me out that I didn't go. 

I stayed back and had the day to myself... I tried some watercolor painting and landscape sketching in the studio in the afternoon. I know I needed the extra sleep I got this morning, and probably alone time too. 

My camera was all charged up and ready to go, but after one picture, the zoom is stuck and won't go back in, and the screen says "lens error." Does anyone know what I should do to try to fix that?

In this class, it seems that a lot of people are going home for the weekend... there really isn't class this weekend, but we're supposed to work on our stuff in the studio. I'm a little intimidated by watercolor (i know: terrifying watercolors! ha!), because it's near impossible to fix mistakes... 

I did learn some helpful hints today. I've never attempted to paint landscapes and skies... I guess because I didn't know how. I've learned that the sky gets lighter toward the horizon, and mountains also get lighter toward the bottom. Also, when I paint a tree or bush, the leaves get lighter toward the top, and to paint in-between the leaves a darker green.

After that, I walked out side and actually looked at the landscape, and thought... duh. How did I not realize that.... I guess I never thought about it. 

Cicada projects are starting to pop up all over campus... I think I may be the only one who does not have a dead cicada on my table. The cicadas are actually not even half as bad as they were a month ago...  It barely sounds like a spaceship anymore... But I know I won't miss them... 

Only one classmate story today: there's a woman (a little eccentric...) I'll call her Y, because she's a laugh yoga instructor... but right before I started typing. She came up to me and stared at my computer over my shoulder... It's funny because all of the older women in this class will come up and try to read my email! It must be a generation thing... because I always try to look away from other people's laptop screens... 

Then Y asked if she could put her hands on my head. What exactly would have been the appropriate response? I don't know... I was a little confused and said, "okay." Then she held her hands on my head and told me to relax. I was thinking, "What the?" But then I thought she might be trying to read my mind... so I just sat there and tried to think nice thoughts... not, "this is crazy! what is she doing?" thoughts.  After a couple of minutes she stopped, and said "It feels better doesn't it?" and then she left. 

I think she thought I missed the field trip today because I was sick... or maybe she really was trying to read my mind. I really have no idea.

Gonna get back to work! :)


Justin Voight said...

I love your blog! I always laugh outloud when I read your funny stories.

Try taking the batteries out of the camera, waiting and putting them back in. Whatever you do, don't push the lens back in.

Ryann said...

crap! i think it's broken... for real! I'm glad you're reading... and letting me know whatcha think too. :)

I laugh... so you're laughing with me....