Monday, June 9, 2008

Catching up


I'm on the road again... and it's not the easiest for me to have internet access. 

I don't like to talk on the phone in front of people... I also don't like to blog in front of people. It's not just because I'm an obnoxiously loud typer either... I think I just don't get into it as much.

But, I'm gonna try my best:

Saturday, I woke up early... Had a huge fantastic Penland breakfast, then packed up. I went and did laundry, and tried to stay out of the heat. There's been a heat wave here lately... and that's no fun!

I got invited to play poker on Saturday night with some of the Penland "locals"... I've never played Texas Hold'em before... I don't like it. I like 5 card draw. It seems like Texas Hold'em is too easy, because everyone knows 3 to five of the cards you're playing with... in 5 card draw, you don't know any. I really don't see what the huge fascination with Texas Hold'em is... okay... I'll stop. I obviously didn't win.

Sunday, I drove to Beech... and when I got here, I SLEPT! I was sooo exhausted from the last two weeks... I took a 5 hr nap, then went back to sleep, and slept til noon.... and I'm STILL tired!

Today we went to a wildlife refuge... people take sick and hurt wild animals there and they nurse them to health until they can be released. The people there were very nice, and they went into the bird cages to pick up some feathers... so, now I have all kinds of feathers from Hawk to Owl... They're beautiful. 

Then it started to hail... HARD! ouch!

I plan to stay here, and then leave for Lake Normand  (sp?) on Weds.... I'm excited about going there! G & T said I can stay there, and paint, and then go to their house in Blowing Rock, and back to the lake... and maybe even make a trip to Charleston. YA! 

I'm still waiting to hear about the encaustic painting class... I left the office a message today. I REALLY wanna take that class! 

My glass saint statue looks hilarious! I forgot to take a picture of it... it turned out PERFECT... well, everything except her head is just a blob of clear glass (OF COURSE, I did that on purpose... not really... but it looks like I did).

I looked at the letter for my next class of what I need to buy (this is the nature journaling: art for nature freaks class - yes, I cringe when I say "art for nature freaks"), based on the supply list... what do you think the average age of student will be? binoculars, folding stool, personal fan, and (my favorite) hand lens. What is a hand lens?? Even though I know I'll be the youngest person by far in this class, I'm so excited to take it! I really am looking forward to it. Just two weeks away...

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