Friday, June 13, 2008

Can it crush cars?

This little guy was just hangin' out at the wildlife rescue place (that I went to earlier this week)... Man, Dylan would freak out... I miss my puppy.  I miss saying "Dylan! Squirrels!" and seeing his ears perk and head tilt...I wish I could bring him up here. I could use some of those sloppy kisses.

Today was a lazy day at the lake... The bass boats weren't as loud this morning... And today was the last day of the fishing tournament. Those guys get up WAY too early.... and for fish?!

I went to Starbucks again today... I'm loving having my Chai again. I also went back to Lowes to get some more samples of wallpaper... I felt kinda bad... I hope they don't bust me... (well, it's free, but still). I think I'm gonna stay away for a few days. :)

Then I got to work, cutting and pasting the wallpaper (on the girl with antlers)... I REALLY wish I would have done it differently... but I can for the next one... I'm learning. Oh, lacquer helps to make the sandblasted glass not so frosted.  Also, lacquer STINKS really bad! for a long time... I mean, really, really, really bad!

I would post a picture... but it's not done yet and doesn't look exactly like I'd like it to. I can't find my Mod Podge :(  I think it's somewhere in my trashed car.

We were going to go into Charlotte tonight, but didn't. Maybe tomorrow.... and then Charleston on Tues.

Since I don't have any pictures of today... here's one I took earlier in the week. When we were at the art supply store, there was a watercolor painting class going on, it was full of the stereotypical grandmas (so cute)... and outside in the ashtray... well I've never seen so many skinny-old-lady cigs ever... so (of course) i took a picture...

ps. the title of the blog "can it crush cars" is because I just heard it on a commercial on tv... thought it was funny... 

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