Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tales from a former glass student

Today was the last day... I feel kinda bad for giving T. such a hard time the last few days.

He actually talked to me quite a bit today, and really apologized for the "not hot glass class" being a hot glass class, and the unstructured everything... and offered to help me out in the future in any way possible... (like a recommendation letter, that I didn't hesitate to ask him about). 

I checked my voicemail today... I had quite a few. 

One of them was the Penland office, telling me that a spot in the encaustic painting class (the one I had originally wanted to take) is open... I can't take that one unless I get a work-study or scholarship... So I asked T. if he'd write a recommendation letter... he said of course... and down the road, if I ever need him to vouch for me, he will. I do really like him... the class was scattered (being generous)... but his heart was in the right place.  Our other instructor has not proved herself to me yet.

Tomorrow will be an early day. Today... (although I tried to wake up early) was not. I woke up, and I must've sleep walked and taken my alarm clock/cell phone back to bed with me... oops.

Actually the time I woke up was fine. I still woke up before 8:45. 

Today was "show and Tell"... where all of the studios show off the work they've made the last two weeks... funny how there was no hot glass! When i talked to the metals TA he said, "yeah, I heard your class was a lot of experimentation, but not much accomplishment"  ... True...

Also, today a Cicada flew and landed on me... it was not half as scary as I thought it would be... (it didn't explode in my eye like it did the last time)... I'm glad I was on the phone with a friend from home (A: you know... :)) 

I've had good dreams about C three nights in a row now. That has made me feel good about what I'm doing.

I packed up all of my glass stuff and I'm off on adventure as of now... I'll blog as much as I can... promise!

Here are some of the best/worst quotes/moments of the screen play at Penland:

T. making us all feel like we were in the twilight zone- talking about schedules (boring!)  and then all of a sudden saying, "you know what I'd really like to do? Take all of the glass and dump it on the sidewalk... like a lava flow"... ??? huh? not boring anymore! we all thought we had missed something... but we hadn't!

(this happened today when i was gluing the sheets of glass in the orange statue I had dismantled) A classmate saying, "I know what that Saint is... Catholics that have abortions pray to that saint." ?!? what?!  about my orange "saint" that is actually chinese, and is there really a saint like that?? i doubt it... but I could, very possibly be wrong... and why would I want to know that. I didn't have the heart to tell her it's some Chinese saint... and I doubt Catholics know about her.

"sometimes you just have to get in touch with that inner rebellious middle-schooler who writes, "get laid in the shade" in everyone's yearbook." - from a very funny classmate. HA!

Tales of theft from a former Christian bookstore employee (doesn't that sound like a book title???)... and the people who "were stealing amongst the Bibles," and the manager running out after them, cussing them and threatening to hit them with a baseball bat. He said the manager looked like the dad from the cartoon "The Incredibles" ... 

"Instead of getting annoyed, I just think, I'm glad I'm getting so much screen play material."

I'm sure I'll remember more later.

I'll post more pics later too. 

Love to all!


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