Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jack or Jill

Last night's party was fun. Going to a "party" that is in the building right next to the studio where I spend all of my time, makes it a little less of a "party." But it was still a good time.
I met some more locals (and Kel's friends). One of them is a jewelry maker. She takes seeds and flowers and casts them to make them into jewelry. I told her about K and the plant sex demo... she was cracking up. Her favorite story was K being SO excited when he found a Jack-in-the-Pulpit plant he could show us. "WOW! Look! It's a Jack in the Pulpit!" and as he pulled the flower open, he said, "Oh! Wait! No... this one is a Jill." And then he (awkwardly) explained the female plant anatomy. 

So, of course, she HAD to meet him. Luckily, he was still in the studio. He was so excited to talk to her about plants and show her books to buy... and different plants he'd collected.

One of the plants had little white fluffy bugs on the leaves. He got so excited that he turned on the microscope to look at them. One of my classmates called them "gay bugs." I said I thought they were more, "Elton-John bugs" because of their white fluffy coats. 

The weekend here was pretty slow and laid back... I took full advantage of that. 

Here is a picture of K explaining another fluffy insect (or flower, or just a piece of nature... I forget, because I was trying to take the picture with my phone instead of listening...oops) -this one is black and fluffy...


SecretCupcakes said...

just came across this today.

ok. i just read jewelry made from seeds and flowers. does she have a website, pictures, sell them anywhere near dallas???

hope you are doing well. jealous of the bog walk!! also, I had giant moths come out of my garden last year. the caterpillars were HUGE and then they burrowed under my penta plants and hatched the next fall and it was amazing!

hope you are well.
nikki crain

Ryann said...

Yes! She does... her name is Amber... I'll post it as soon as I find out what her web site it.

Her stuff is really great!

She should be carried in stores near dallas... but isn't yet.