Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just Beach-y

Oops! I skipped a day (sorry!).  I'm now on the road in Charleston, SC. 

This city reminds me so much of a NOLA by-the-sea... There are old, beautiful, Southern buildings, surrounded by old Live Oaks... which are peacefully coexisting with the seemingly out-of-place palm trees. Strange... NOLA meets Fla. and throw in a bit of Galveston... and Revolutionary War (and Civil War) and you've got Charleston.

I drove here yesterday (in my own car)... I was still feeling a bit nervous about the trip, even though I knew I would get my own room, and was driving my own car... G was running late... so I went to Starbucks. I got a pastry and Chai... and the cash register rang up $6.66. I thought: Uh-OH.

I walked around the shopping center, bought some Liz Claiborne nice brown sandals for Charleston... then Cassie sent me a text saying she'd be able to come meet me after all. I was so glad.

When we first drove into Charleston,  we went to the gallery/store that G & T own. I was exhausted though... I hadn't been able to get more than 3 or 4 hours of sleep for the last couple of nights... Not because I had so much going on... just because my body/mind wouldn't let me sleep. I really just wanted to get in my room and nap. I walked around Charleston a bit with T as my tour guide then went to the hotel, and tried to nap while Cas drove in from Asheville.

I didn't think I'd sleep... but I did! A little after I woke up she got here. We had a lot of catching up to do... she moved to Asheville a year ago and the last time I saw her, was for a split second at C's memorial. 

We went to Sullivan's Island to hangout (and talk more) at Poe's (a favorite hangout of G's family)... After, we went the beach at night. We had to walk across this long footbridge to get to the beach.. It was SO creepy. I kept remembering G telling me how the fish and game state employees of Louisiana count alligators. They first mark-off a square mile, then go out on a boat at night and shine flashlights around the swamp... and then they count the glowing eyes...Take that number, divide it by two... and that is the alligator population for that square mile!   So, while walking on the footbridge, instead of using a flashlight (which I left at the hotel) I kept taking pictures of the marsh around us and looked for eyes. 

When we got out to the beach, it was low-tide, and the moon was full, gorgeous and became our muse of photography. We talked and were silly and took really amazing and creative pics!

I am so glad that Cas was able to come here. It's so nice to have someone who knows me, and has the same interests as me, here. I think I'd have freaked out without her. 

today we woke up late (but still too early). We met G & T at their store, where we bought matching "friendship bracelets" (which we thought of at the same time)... I know... we're not in middle-school, but we were both cracking up at our cheesiness... and we both really dig the bracelets!

G&T led us on a walking tour of Charleston... we had our hopes up for getting to the beach... but this city is so incredibly GORGEOUS!  I still am in awe of the trees... the sea, the marshland (but, honestly... I would be fine -if not glad- if I never see another beautiful oil painting of marshland again)... The strawberry-flavored Italian Ice indulgence in the park, by the sea, was the perfect punctuation to the city tour. We went back to the hotel... then went to another Island... the Island of Palms.

We went to the Windjammer (a place Cas knew about), but first... we did get to the beach... We took more pics (of ourselves... shocker! :) and then had crab legs, shrimp and a mediocre burger. We talked even more... I really don't think we've stopped talking since she got here... it's been a welcome change to have a friend here, who knows my story, my friends and enjoy an atmosphere other than Dallas with me.

Tomorrow, we have big plans... but who knows what we'll do... we'll just keep playing it by ear... that always works out better anyway...

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