Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mountain Clothes v. City Living

Why is it that when you try to take pictures of a lake or ocean, they never turn out well? They always make the lake and everything on it look so much further away...  I've tried to take some pictures... but none of them look even remotely nice or interesting.  Lakes just aren't photogenic.

Today I went to Starbucks *gasp* (i know... shocker). I think I've substituted my Snickers habit for a Starbucks habit and vice-versa. Then I lounged in the lake for a while on those floating noodles. I think I've also substituted my fear of bears for a fear of alligators. I kept thinking there were alligators in the lake... I saw a big head sticking out of the water not far from my noodles... My instinct was to scramble back on land as quick as possible... but G & T were outside, and I didn't want to look like a total nut... Turns out it was a HUGE turtle. Okay... not huge, but big... really big. I still wanted to get out... but didn't.  After I chilled out, the lake was really nice.

Later on, they drove me into Charlotte and all around the city. It really is a beautiful city. I love the tall oak trees and tree canopies that line the streets. We went to eat... it was delicious. I ate twice as much as I should have... I'm so full, that it hurts.  No time for art today...   I'm going to meet up with my cousin and her husband tomorrow. After G, T and I go to church. I don't have any nice clothes... I really packed like I was going to be a "mountain woman"  and that's what I look like... yup. pretty much...  

After two weeks at penland, the nicer jeans I brought are no longer nice.. I'm pretty grubby, even if my clothes are clean....   I told G earlier this week that I didn't bring any nice clothes... Then tonight he asked, "So you REALLY didn't bring any nice clothes?" I think, that after seeing my mountain wardrobe, he realized I wasn't kidding, or exaggerating... at all. We are going to Charleston on Tues, and he said I might want to dress kinda nice there... Soooo I guess I'm gonna have to do a little tiny bit of shopping. Maybe a dress or two. And a pair of nice sandals.

My poor Birkenstocks have had it. They were bad in May. And now, well, they need to be retired. Not long ago, I did an online search for "how to clean birkenstocks" or something similar... I found one message board where someone posted, "BUY NEW SHOES, YOU CHEAP HIPPIE!"   

Point taken. ... I'll be going shopping soon...

My late night freak-out=

I'm really starting to freak out about this trip to Charleston... The whole thing is making me feel trapped and claustrophobic... I really don't want to even go anymore... I'm not going to have my car there (I'm going to ride with them)... and it seems like I'm going to have to be "on" the whole time, and dress nice and be nice and social... and no way out or escape, or be alone...  I just don't think I can do it... I wanna go somewhere else like to the mountains... or just stay here and be alone... or even to Charleston by myself... or on my own.... But I don't want to tell them... I don't think they'd understand... i don't know what to do... i would like to go to Charleston, but not when I'm not feeling a hundred percent, and as someone's guest/tourist and my emotions are not stable..... I don't think they have any idea how much alone time I need...  crap.

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